Beautiful Marimba



The marimba is one of my favourite percussion instruments to play. . .


Bach Fantasia Premiere


The McDaniel Summer Flute Choir performs new work, "Fantasia on Bach's Menuet in D Minor" by Esther T. Jones.


How To: Care & Cleaning of Your Alto Flute


Today's blog post is all about how to clean and put away the alto flute.

alto flute in case

14th Annual FOTB Flute Choir Festival



The McDaniel College Flute Choir
performs "I May Be Down, but the
Jig Is Up" by internationally
acclaimed composer Jonathan Cohen.


Esther T. Jones with flute


Christmas Joy


Just in time for the holidays, I've recorded two lovely Christmas carols...


How Playing Instruments Benefits the Brain - Video by Anita Collins


Greetings! I've just recently stumbled across a great TED Talks video that is definitely worth sharing! It's short, fun, and engaging, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.


Menuet in D Minor - J. S. Bach


And here is a quick video of a Bach menuet I've fallen in love with recently


Cara Sanneman's Senior Recital


A lovely time was had by all on August 21st, at the senior recital of Cara Sanneman, held at McDaniel College.


Spring Flute Choir Selections


What better way to enjoy summer than to listen to some lovely music while reading a good book?


Flutes on the Brink Flute Choir Festival



A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of performing with the McDaniel Flute Choir at the 11th Annual Flutes on the Brink Festival.