Back at it again with the Youtube Channel!

I'm excited to announce that the ETJ Music Youtube channel has been launched!

Currently the channel is home to my Percussion Suite for Flute Choir, available both as the full length suite and three individual movements. The audio for Sunrise was generated using a DAW, and the second and third movements both feature the McDaniel Flute Choir. (Check them out at the McDaniel Instrumental Music Youtube channel!)



The Percussion Suite for Flute Choir is inspired by the synthesis of music from Western and African cultures. The suite begins in Africa, where the flutes imitate various drums in a cyclical pattern that can be repeated as often as the conductor wishes. A key feature of Sunrise is its call and response sections, the “call” portion of which may be improvised as suits the 1st and 4th flute parts.


Sherwood Bells is set in Europe, and evokes a western medieval sound. The flutes play the parts of different types of bells, from handbells to church bells. Castanets moves to Latin America, ending the suite with a blend of sounds that pay homage to the mix of cultures represented by the previous movements. The trills simulate clicking castanets, played over clave rhythms that support the lively melody.


The Percussion Suite is only the first of many other works I'm looking forward to sharing with you all, so don't forget to subscribe to my channel for updates, and be sure to check my blog for information about new pieces and upcoming events.

Speaking of which, I'll be performing with the McDaniel Flute Choir at the Flutes on the Brink Flute Choir Festival on April 2nd. More information on that is available under Upcoming Events, so if you want to hear great live music with a variety of flutes in all shapes and sizes, hosted by some really wonderful people, make sure you check that out!

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